the story of a family business

DC Mobilia is a family Business. Now in its second generation, DC Mobilia was founded in Damietta City in the northeastern part of Egypt. The unique global phenomenon of hand-crafted furniture was born in the 1960s. A place where the history of many small artisan workshops that have fashioned wood and upholstery since the early nineteen-hundreds.

The early 2022 marked the moment in which the family understood the importance of opening up new markets and online market beyond Egypt’s borders. Overseas growth became a sustained, unstoppable movement that brought DC Mobilia visibility in the most exclusive furniture market in United Arab Emirates and Gulf countries.

Our Team

Consists of the most skilled, talented and experienced craftsmen. We cover all furniture making stages like hand drawing, carpentry, painting and upholstery.

DC Mobilia


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course, you can. We always use natural wood, hard wood, teak wood and ply wood, never particle board. For an excellent look and finish we offer a full range of laminates and colors you may choose from.

Of course, you can. Our quality furniture is made in Damietta City, Egypt.  All of our furniture is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Our team take great pride in making one of a kind furniture that lasts.

We have variety of colors and Turkish fabrics, you can choose from

Directly from our network of local makers and workshops to you! With no showrooms or warehouses for mass produced furniture, we eliminate layers of price mark ups so you get a higher quality piece of furniture at a lower price. Feel free to compare!

Production and delivery time varies depending on the item(s) ordered, your customization options. We always aim to deliver within 8 weeks from the date of advanced payment.

Sorry, this is not possible. Currently we do not have a showroom or a store to pick-up products directly.

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